Our History

The “Hathwa Raj” is the oldest of the aristocratic houses in Bihar and traces its ancestry to a remote antiquity having settled in Saran District of Bihar for about 106th generation.  “Hathwa Raj” had more than 2,700 villages with a population of 6670 according to the census of 1901. The Title of “SAHI”, a word of pure Persian origin meaning ‘Imperial’ was bestowed by the Emperor of Delhi, in the golden days of Akbar on ‘Maharaja Khemkaran Mull’ which is patronymic now. The early twentieth century describes “Hathwa” in its pronominal peak, and booming business in the field of Hospitality, Education, Market Complex and Properties firm. This business marvel is now under the professional guidance of ‘His Highness Maharaja Bahadur M.P Sahi’ , HH Maharani Saheb (his wife) and Maharaj Kumar and The Princess (children).